ALESMITH: Feature Brewery Mini-Tap Takeover (2/27; 6p)

Beer List…

Off Season .394 Hazy Pale Ale
Modern Times Celestial Dawn Coffee Speedway Stout
Alesmith/Stone Collab IPA
Belgian Quad

MORGAN TERRITORY: Feature Brewery Mini-Tap Takeover (2/20; 6p)

Beer List…

– Menace to Sobriety TIPA (Gold Medla Winner – SFBW Bistro IPA Fest)
– Moon Time Hazy IPA
– Dry Hopped Lager
– No Regerts Pale Ale

Now Serving Pizza!!!!

We have partnered with Donna Italia to serve top quality personal pizzas to you All Day, Everyday! Enjoy a 9″ Cheese or Pepperoni pizza at Three Sheets today!

Donna Italia:
The definition of a premium food lies in the quality of its ingredients.

Meticulously selected, the ingredients we use are all from Emilia-Romagna, long known as the home to Italy’s best food.

Made with Italian passion, and baked with absolute precision, our pizzas are all-natural, wholesome and genuine, FREE from artificial ingredients, preservatives, baking enhancers and sugar.

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